lectures from the archive 1999 – 2006

from the archives of the international lecture series

With the lecture series ‘aus dem archiv’ invites. Prof. Hemma Fasch to a retrospective and at the same time continuation of a great tradition in the interdisciplinary architecture course.

The successful ‘International Lecture Series’ was initiated by Helmut Richter (Director of the Institute HB2 from 1991 – 2007) in 1992. He invited renowned constructors, designers, architects and artists from Europe, the USA and Japan. For 16 years, the lecture series was very well received by students and the interested public.

The HB2 department has now digitised the films, which were recorded on Hi8 video back then, and invites you to look back together.

Venue: Department HB2 // Karlsplatz 13, 1040 Vienna, Staircase 6, 4th floor
Start: 19:00


Lectures from the Archive 1999 – 2006 | Season 3
Tue 18.04.23 fasch & fuchs. (22.05.2006) // subsequent discussion with Hemma Fasch and Jakob Fuchs
Tue 09.05.23 Wolfgang Tschapeller (10.05.2004)// subsequent discussion with Wolfgang Tschapeller
Tue 20.06.23 Coop Himmelb(l)au (03.05.1999) // subsequent discussion with Wolf dPrix


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Initiative filmsalon HB2: Hemma Fasch, Sandra Häuplik-Meusburger, Lisa Blenk, Markus Rupprecht, Laurenz Steixner

The lectures already shown can now be viewed online:
Lectures from the Archive 1992 – 1998 | Season 1
Tue 22.03.22 Cedric Price
Tue 20.04.22 Mike Davies
Tue 24.05.22 Volker Giencke – with subsequent discussion with Volker Giencke

Lectures from the Archive 1997 – 2006 | Season 2
Tue 22.11.22 Werner Sobek followed by a discussion with Werner Sobek
Tue 06.12.22 Valie Export followed by a discussion with Valie Export
Tue 17.01.23 Shigeru Ban