The team of the department of Building Construction, Installation and Design posses of a wide range of expertise working with the following focal points and areas of research:

// Industrial construction and light construction methods in building construction // material cross design of lightweight structures in building construction // detail priciples of light building materials in the construction industry // development resource efficient construction methods // analysis of the potentials of future material and joining technology // structural engineering technical solutions in the international context // standards, rules of art and building certificates for sustainability // technology development and cultural context // kinematic design systems // thermal building simulation // multi-dimensional thermal conduction and heat storage // bauklimatologie // space architecture and architecture in extreme environment // knowledge transfer (science) fiction in structural engineering and building construction // development areas // digital architecture // film and architecture // evaluation of milestones of European and non-European (post war) Modernism // build sustainability, elementary timber construction systems // minimized living forms // socio-spatial orientation and socio-cultural participation in architecture // socio-spatial structure versus spatial characteristics //

Building Constructions in Contact with the Ground
climate data
multidimensional conduction of heat
summer behaviour of buildings
Threedimensional Thermal Building Simulation