lva /​/ trespassing grounds – spacial city

trespassing grounds – spacial city

253.I33 Entwerfen // 15.0 ECTS // SS 2022

Vienna’s Ringstrasse was laid out as a magnificent boulevard and promenade and, with its many important buildings for culture, education and politics, was an impetus for its development into a cosmopolitan city.

The public space has increasingly become a traffic artery, with the middle 3-4 lanes for motor vehicles being a difficult separation to overcome for the marginalized pedestrians and cyclists. Adjacent spaces and squares are unused or still occupied by parked cars.

Despite the many public buildings, there is a lack of freely accessible consumption-free protected spaces

The focus of the design is directed towards the occupation of spaces along the ring road by large-scale structural interventions with publicly accessible uses and a special focus on non-commercial and consumption-free zones.