lva /​/ trespassing grounds – LIGHT, AIR and ICE CREAM

trespassing grounds – LIGHT, AIR and ICE CREAM

253.I33 Entwerfen // 15.0 ECTS // SS 2022

The reactivation of places that were believed to be lost and (previously) inaccessible space sources requires new accessibility for everyone and generates potential for new, any-scale infrastructures. Public space must remain public and accessible to everyone, and therefore has to be occupied and its qualities demonstrated. Architecture is the means of choice. At a specific location in Vienna- famous Ringstraße -, the existing (urban) space is to be made accessible and usable for the public by means of an architectural intervention. Vienna´s Ringstraße stretches at least between the programme of the Burgtheater and the demonstration calendar of the democratic society. Strongly courted by tourists, the Ring tends to rest in its laurels and has long since accepted the expensive, sometimes outdated cultural offerings as the norm for a few. Trespassing Grounds asks which programs and interventions can be used to realize a city for everyone here in the dense, inner-city context.

The functional program will be designed according to the location and is committed to possible daily (pleasure) infrastructures for a post-consumption society. We are searching for proposals for the good life: infrastructure facilities with a public and climate-resilient program.

The designs will be situated somewhere between nature and architecture, resource conservation and spatial generosity and will be architecturally expressed through concrete- utopian, public-social spatial structures.