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make more holidays! on the danube canal!
@ rotundenbrücke, donaukanal, 1020 vienna / accessibility: 1, 4a wittelsbachstraße
monday, 14 june to sunday, 4 july 2021

ak stadt in conversation with elisabeth weiler and silke fischer – about the kanalwal project and the possibility of a holiday on the danube canal.
ak stadt 02/21 – youth in vienna
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photos: ©wolfgang thaler

S T A Y C A T I O N – as an English translation of “holiday at home” and as a proposal for the sustainable further development of vacation brings the Danube Canal as a (fluid) public space back into the consciousness of the Viennese.

Together with the Donaukanal Swimming Club, the GB* premises will be filled with projects, designs, collections and images by students from the Faculty of Architecture and Spatial Planning at TU Wien and members of the SVDK. The exhibition accompanies the 1:1 realisation of the kanalWAL spatial structure, which is being built simultaneously on the Danube Canal near the Rotunda Bridge in the 2nd district by architecture students and the Building Construction and Design research department (HB2) at TU Wien. It also provides an insight into the genesis of kanalWAL and shows other socially acceptable programmes for new infrastructure on the Danube Canal. So-called daily pleasure infrastructures were designed: structures and architectures that visualise, strengthen and promote the qualities of the Danube Canal as a public space, as well as inviting everyone to use the space freely without the pressure to consume. The question is posed: What is needed for a holiday on the Danube Canal?

Ausstellung: kanalWAL & friends
gemeinsam mit Schwimmverein Donaukanal

01.06. – 08.06.21 | Finissage 08.06.21 18:00-19:30 Uhr
GB*Stadtteilbüro für die Bezirke 1, 2, 7, 8, 9 und 20, Max Winter Platz 23, 1020 Wien
Öffnungszeiten: MO, DI, MI, FR 14-18 Uhr, DO 9-18 Uhr