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S T A Y C A T I O N // kanalWAL – book out now!

We are proud to announce our new book STAYCATION // kanalWAL – a design-build project for living the good life at home.

“S T A Y C A T I O N – daily pleasure infrastructures” is the guiding principle of our search for new programmatic ideas and possible forms of infrastructure for reactivating forgotten places and (as yet) untapped spatial resources. Urban space must be public and accessible to ALL, and as such we must appropriate it, make its qualities apparent and demonstrate what is possible. Our means of choice for this is architecture.

Book edited by: Silke Fischer, Elisabeth Weiler
English // 72 pages // 19 x 26 cm // €15 (students €10)

You can buy the book at Buchhandlung Walter König, MuseumsQuartier Wien or at the Department of Building Construction and Design (HB2) at the TU Wien. In case you are in Berlin, the book is available at Pro qm / thematische Buchhandlung für Stadt, Politik, Pop, Ökonomiekritik, Architektur, Design, Kunst & Theorie in Almstadtstraße, Berlin-Mitte.  Links einfügen?

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kanalWAL is a project by students of the master’s design studio S T A Y C A T I O N in 2020/21.

Course tutors, design concept and consultation: Silke Fischer, Elisabeth Weiler
Structural consulting: Peter Bauer (ITI, TU Wien / Werkraum Ingenieure ZT GmbH)
Participating students: Deniz Bernhard, Tobias Blind, Lea Bradenbrink, Ece Erdogan, Caridad Flicker, Michaela Fodor, Timo Gassner, Sarah Gold, Dominik Hütter, Elisabeth Möller, Mire Neumann, Katharina Pany, Katja Pitschieler, Fabian Quiring, Moira Ruppert, Markus Rupprecht, Gilles Schneider, Julia Stanzel, Laurenz Steixner, Fabian Tinhof, Caroline Weber, Thomas Wimmer

Book edited by: Silke Fischer, Elisabeth Weiler
Editorial assistance: Mire Neumann
Photos: Johannes Baluch, Silke Fischer, Lisi Specht, Wolfgang Thaler, Elisabeth Weiler, Markus Zorn, and participating students
Drawings and sketches: participating students
Contributing authors: Peter Bauer, Silke Fischer, Malena Haas, Melanie Hammerschmidt, Dominik Hütter, Sabine Marte, Sina Moussa-Lipp, Christian Pichler, Martin Tschurtschenthaler, Amelie Schlemmer, Julia Stanzel, Elisabeth Weiler, Judith Wittrich
Graphic Design and Cover: Buero AGS, Agnes Steiner
Translation and proof-reading: Julian Reisenberger
Printproduction: Gerin Druck GmbH

Publisher: TU Wien, Institute of Architecture and Design, Department of Building Construction and Design