Modul // Emerging Fields in Architecture

The module Emerging Fields in Architecture conveys current knowledge from new research fields in architectural and engineering disciplines, with the aim of dealing with current and future design challenges in a broader social context in an interdisciplinary and fundamental way. The lectures impart knowledge about different and interdisciplinary approaches to design, current developments and results of material and construction research, about planning and building under/in extreme conditions as well as about structures that change or develop due to changing parameters. In this context, strategies for design (from the initial idea to implementation) are questioned in an interdisciplinary discourse, and the question of how the path from idea to realisation can be shaped and to what extent it is possible to be systematically creative is explored. In the practical part, an independent cross-thematic examination is to be carried out.

In the coming WS 2023, we will expand our search for the ‘essential’ in relation to current topics on our environment, sustainability and humanity. The questions will include: What kind of future do we want to create? What role(s) does architecture have in which context? What can / must architecture offer today? What can we learn from other disciplines for contemporary architecture? What visions are there and where do they lead? And what can / must we learn from the past for future projects?

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