design studio // self/sustain [master]

253.J94 Entwerfen // 15.0 ECTS // SS 2023
Betreuung: Daniel Schürr

On the summit of Hoher Sonnblick in Salzbug Austria’s highest research station is located , where one of the world’s longest continuous row of meteorological measurements exist. The rocky peak, held together by permafrost, is becoming increasingly unstable and therefore is no longer suitable for this building.
In order to continue detailed research on the climate, a new research station should to be built in the Austrian Alps, which, in addition to research functions, will also provide facilities for soft tourism (mountaineering), thus bridging the gap between research and the public.

The building is intended to exploit spatial synergies at this position between research and soft tourism and represent a best-case from an architectural, energy and resource perspective.
In order to live year-round[nbsp] and to manage the construction of a building in an extreme environment, special attention must be paid to efficiency, lightness, resource conservation, supply and disposal. the building needs to be as self-sufficient as possible.

The development of a high-quality architecture with constructive, spatial and material-specific qualities is elemental to this design studio and should be supplemented by parameters from energy supply and CO2 footprint, which, if possible, are simulated and should influence design decisions.