Design Studio // Highline+ ft. Klubkultur

253.k39 Entwerfen // 10.0 ECTS // WS 2023
Betreuung: Friedel Winkler

The ‘Vienna Highline’, in the Spittelau area and continuing along Heiligenstätterstraße, has been discussed in the media for years. The Danube Canal as a green axis borders directly on an urban zone here – (waste incineration, infrastructure facilities, multi-storey car parks and commercial enterprises). Interventions along the ‘Highline’ are intended to strengthen it as a local recreation area and car-free traffic axis.

Near the Spittelau station there are already two clubs that play a major role in Vienna’s ‘club culture’. The two locations are to be complemented by a multifunctional hall for at least 500 people, greened, consumption-free lounge areas in the outdoor space and self-selected, additive uses.