HB2 Lecture Series / Made in France

HB2 Lecture Series – TU Wien
Univ.Prof. DI Dietmar Feichtinger

Made in France

Architecture has a socio-political presence in France. Presidents have manifested the visibility and status of the built environment through their initiative:
Georges Pompidou with the Centre Pompidou, Francois Mitterand with the Grands Projets, the French National Library, the expansion of the Louvre, the Grand Arche in the Defence, Jacques Chirac with the Museum at Quai Branly.

Seven protagonists of current French architecture will come to the TU Vienna.

They represent different approaches to architecture and at the same time several generations.
They will explain themselves through reports on their work and their architectural attitude.

Muoto attracted international attention with the Campus Hub in Saclay and the French Pavilion at the current Venice Biennale.
Marc Barani and Ibos Vitart are known for their uncompromisingly clear architectural language and were awarded the Grand Prix national de l’architecture for their work.
Jacqueline Osty is a landscape architect. The close link between landscape and architecture is the basis of new urban developments in France. The high quality of the urban environment relativises the importance of the buildings as objects.
Gaelle Lauriot-Prevost is a designer and artistic director of the architecture firm DPA. As a partner, she occupies a significant position in Dominique Perrault’s studio.
Dominique Alba, through her multi-faceted activity – architectural advisor to the city of Paris, director of the Pavillon de l’Arsenal, head of urban development for Paris APUR and, more recently, director of Jean Nouvel’s office – brings aspects that form the basis of the positioning of architecture.
Together with her partner Pascal Rollet, Florence Lipsky represents a pronounced constructive approach that is atypical for France. The engagement with young architects, the apprenticeship, occupies an important place in their work.

Di 14.11.23 Yves Moreau, Gilles Delalex, Quentin Moranne / STUDIO MUOTO
Do 14.12.23 Marc Barani / ATELIER MARC BARANI
Do 11.01.24 Myrto Vitart / IBOS VITART ARCHITECTES
Do 21.03.24 Gaëlle Lauriot-Prévost / DOMINIQUE PERRAULT ARCHITECTURE
Do 11.04.24 Dominique Alba / POLITICS, CITIES, ARCHITECTURE
Do 23.05.24 Florence Lipsky / LIPSKY + ROLLET
Do 06.06.24 Jacqueline Osty / ATELIER OSTY ET ASSOCIÉS