excursion /​/ Grazer Schule and beyond

253.H32 Exkursion // 2.0 ECTS // SS 2022

Grazer Schule and beyond – Nov 4. – 6. 2021

The so-called ‘Graz School’ is without a doubt the phenomenon in recent Austrian architectural history that has attracted the most international attention. Defined several times – and not always in the same way – by the Viennese critic Friedrich Achleitner and made famous by the British Peter Blundell Jones. Blundell Jones can, thanks to his book ‘Dialogues in Time. New Graz Architecture (1998)’, be described as the chronicler of the Graz School. The term “Grazer Schule” stands for many things – and is astonishingly vague. [translated from Martin Grabner / www.gat.st]


In this excursion we will visit selected projects from the Graz school[nbsp] and its succession in an tour around Styria and Graz.



Departure in Vienna by bus, 2 nights in Graz.
ATTENTION: The return trip from Graz has to be organized individually (train, bus, possibility of extension)
Costs: 275 EUR


Registration at secretariat sept 22nd and 23rd; 9am – 3pm
please show your proof of covid-vaccination / recovery

Covid-19 regulations

Minimum is a valid 3-G proof during the full duration of the excursion
Since we cannot (yet) predict further developments, it might be necessary to show proof of vaccination or recovery on departure

cover-image: Volker Giencke