design studio // versatile space(s)

versatile space(s)
… logical space(s)
LVA 253.L37 Design Studio SS 24 10.0 ECTS
Supervision: Sandra Häuplik-Meusburger, Peter Bauer, Marilies Wedl

The Versatile Space(s) design series is dedicated to the experimental development and implementation of construction-ready 1:1 adaptable spatial structures and architectures.

The change is always related to an existing context, such as the surrounding space and usage. The inspiration for the design series comes from the current context. We aim to analyze and question current issues in the fields of environment, society, and construction. At the same time, we ask about the role of architecture in the future of construction and what contributions architects can or should make. In this context, we consider a realized project as a ‘phase’ of a design and construction process.

We search for materials and opportunities to intelligently reuse existing resources. Our pavilion is part of a cycle, following the principle:
(re)Design – to (re)Build – to be (re)Used