design studio // trespassing grounds – versatile spaces

trespassing grounds – creating versatile spaces

253.I32 Entwerfen // 15.0 ECTS // SS 2022

Experimental development of a pavilion-like spatial structure (free-standing, lightweight building) in public space with versatile spatial and functional configurations. The architectural concept will be developed in line with the proposed programming in public space. The spatial structure development is based on an in-depth analysis of geometric and constructive priniciples. [nbsp]

The focus of this course is the development of the architectural design in iteration with the supporting structure, which is constantly optimized with regard to geometric criteria of structural performance and constructive design. The investigations are carried out with analogue and digital models, including algorithm-supported planning tools.

As a casestudy, the project is to be planned for a period of one year at various locations in Vienna. The design shall be developed up to a 1:1 structure and parts o fit shall be tested das a mock-up.

The design studio will be in English and German.