design studio // SWIM

LVA 253.L21 Bachelor Design Studio SS 24 15.0 ECTS
Supervision: San-Hwan Lu

Vienna has a long tradition of swimming pools, starting with the combined pools (outdoor pool + indoor pool) in the outer districts, which follow a prototypical pattern; individual buildings such as the Stadionbad, Stadthallenbad or the Kongressbad; to recreational pools such as the Amalienbad, the old Dianabad or the Kurbad Oberlaa. All of these baths were built some time ago. The city of Vienna has grown considerably in recent times, but the provision of public pools has hardly kept pace.

Yet swimming pools are facilities that fulfil several important municipal tasks: They are both a social space where people of all social classes and age groups come together; but at the same time contribute to public health as a place for both popular and competitive sport. The swimming pool is a place of exercise as well as relaxation, a meeting place. It is a stage for life, where people from all walks of life, young and old, come together to see and be seen.

As part of the design process, the role of the swimming pool in the future is to be considered in an integrative manner and, subsequently, a sustainable, future-proof design is to be created, taking into account all relevant design aspects.