design studio // School of Barricades

School of Barricades – an architecture of emancipation
LVA 253.L30 Integratives Entwerfen SoSe 24 15.0 ECTS
Supervision: Visiting Professorship Yves Moreau, Gilles Delalex, Quentin Moranne (Studio Muoto)

The objective of this studio is to explore the concept of temporary architecture through the study and reinterpretation of barricades. By delving into the social, cultural, and political dimensions of barricades, students will develop design projects that not only respond to the immediate function of these structures but also contribute to the discourse on temporary and permanent interventions in the built environment.

a. Research Phase / Exhibition: Research historical and contemporary examples of barricades. A study trip to the exhibition “PROTEST/ARCHITECTURE Barricades, Camps, Superglue” at the MAK
b. Build your barricade: Create your own barricade
c. Temporary structure: design a temporary architectural intervention
d. Permanent structure: Develop the temporary architectural intervention into a permanent one.

Kickoff: Thursday, 07.03. 10:00 am
Hours: Thursday, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm (HB2/Zoom)