design studio // lightweight skin + bamboo

Lightweight skin – constructing with bamboo
LVA 253.L43 Design Studio SoSe 24 10.0 ECTS
Supervision: Daniel Schürr

light, flexible, scalable, customisable, transportable, transparent, translucent, opaque, etc. The series of keywords could be continued – the core of this design is about developing an architecture that offers space for various public uses with a lightweight construction and shell and can be flexibly adapted to different locations and functional needs. Bamboo is to be explored as a building material for the load-bearing structure and enclosed in a light and flexible shell.

Against the backdrop of dwindling resources, bamboo has (again) developed into an interesting raw material for construction in recent years. With renewal cycles of around 5 years, bamboo can score highly as a fast-growing alternative to wood.

How can a construction made of bamboo be encased? How can this envelope be flexible, light, customisable and at the same time as sustainable as possible (natural material, recycling concepts, high-tech, …)?