Design Studio // Constructive models – bamboo

253.k32 Entwerfen // 5.0 ECTS // WS 2023

Construction with bamboo – Against the background of dwindling resources, bamboo has (again) become an interesting raw material for construction in recent years. With renewal cycles of about 5 years, bamboo can score as a fast-growing alternative to wood. Of the more than 1000 bamboo species, some are suitable for use as structural elements in architecture due to their growth heights, tube diameters and wall thicknesses.

In this design, the material-specific properties and the resulting structural engineering peculiarities are to be explored and translated into an independent design for a light/temporary/mobile construction. In addition to the spatial quality, a special focus will be placed on the construction on the one hand and on innovative material-specific node formation on the other.

In this design, special emphasis will be placed on development by means of model construction. From a series of concept models, design models, etc., the project will evolve. In this way, the evolution of the designs will ultimately result in a presentation model on a larger scale, in which the architecture can be depicted via its material-specific character up to connection techniques. The model construction can be supplemented and supported by 3D models – depending on their usefulness – but not replaced.

The result should be the development of high-quality architecture with constructive, spatial and material qualities as the focus of this design.