design studio // Evolving Versatile Space (s)

253.k28 Entwerfen // 10.0 ECTS// WS 2023

“You think philosophy is a difficult business, but I can tell you: compared to the difficulties involved in architecture, it’s nothing at all.”
Ludwig Wittgenstein

Theme: (re)Design – to (re)Built – to be (re)Used

The Versatile Spaces series deals with the experimental development and ready-to-build 1:1 formulation and realisation of changeable spatial structure / architecture (free-standing light supporting structure) always in relation to an existing context (such as public space, or planned use).

The focus of the design in WS 2023 is on the (1) evaluation and (2) further development of the structure realised in summer at Karlsplatz for a further construction at Haus Wittgenstein in spring 2024.

Startingpoint: Pavillon – SS 2023:

Areas of tension:

… adaptation to the location: Haus Wittgenstein
… Spatial generosity and resource conservation
… Constructive finesse and detailing
… Current discourse and programming: cooperation with a Bulgarian artist

Tools and supervision team:

Supervision is provided by an interdisciplinary team on architecture, structural engineering, geometry, urban design and. The investigations are carried out on analogue and digital models – among other things with algorithmically supported planning tools, which are deepened in the course. Basic knowledge of Rhino and Grashopper is required. A willingness and enjoyment of manual work is expected.

Sequence of events:

1. evaluation of the results of the SS
2. thematic examination of the new location and the new possible programme
3. elaboration of nodes of the structure and adaptation to the new place