lva /​/ mind the gap

01.10. 2021 – 31.01. 2022bachelor design ws21 // susanne fritzer & wolfgang feyferlik



registration with portfolio via tiss required! lva nr: 253.h60



mind the gap

is a polite reminder to be careful.

this can also be understood as a call for attention to perceive gaps / interstices in public space that are invisible because they are overlooked.

why is that? should it stay that way? do these spaces and areas have potential?

if so, for whom? what can happen there? what is necessary for this?

to mind: pay attention, take care, look after

we mind the gap/s – as a basis for the design task, gaps in the public space are identified (= mind) and then worked on from a planning (architectural) and interdisciplinary point of view (= care). dealing with future development is also part of the design task (= care).



after successful completion of the course, students are able to formulate an urban and socially relevant position in the form of an architectural design with a concrete program. based on a critical analysis of existing spatial and social framework conditions, students are able to consider questions relevant to building construction and a resource-conserving planning approach as an integrative component of the architectural concept after completing the design process


lecturer: susanne fritzer & arch. di wolfgang feyferlik