need to meet //Markus Planteu, Michael Seidel und Matthäus Wasshuber

Architektonische Interventionen zur Transformation der Wiener Märkte

author(s): Markus Planteu, Michael Seidel und Matthäus Wasshuber

editor: Michael Seidel

publisher: Michael Seidel, HB2plus

Social and economic shifts and shifts call for new typologies of use and buildings for the market to maintain its importance for social understanding. The market can once again function as a public mixed-use space and respond to the evolution of social change with a new spatial constitution. This also concerns a recoded relationship between privacy and the public sphere and the rise of cultural diversity, which increasingly offers potential for the appropriation and revitalization of public space. Prototypical architectural concepts for a hybrid development structure show how Vienna's markets can be re-established as places of encounter and thus as molecules of public life.

ISBN: 978-3-9519864-9-4