Wohne lieber ungewöhnlich. Raumexperimente im Film. //

Living unconventionally. Spatial experiments in Film.

in cooperation with ut cottbus and eth zurich students will plan and create short films about residental buildings in vienna.
conceptually, the course focuses on penetration of private space. space that normally is not accessible to the public.

concepts of penetration of non-public space will be developed by media approach.
two workshops (one week each) will focus on methods and technical approaches regarding penetration of space by film and digital media:

1// methods of representation in different media (digital, analog. film, stop-motion, animation)

2 // technique and methods of different media regarding digital, analog and generative approaches will be explained by the topic of privacy vs. publicity.

3 // we will investigate the relevance of different media according to different conceptual approaches and spatial situations of the chosen housing projects, and according to their application on different stages of research.

4 // methods and media of representation


vera kumer, philipp teister

DVD 1:20:00

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