253.481 Tutorial // supplementary course in module “Engineering: Structural Design Detail” // 2.0 ECTS // SS


development of multimedia building portraits (film, collague, print ect...) of prototypical architecture of national and international post-war period based on existing film data recorded and archived by the hb2 medialab and student research.

final hand-in: (short-)film and project sheet


academic research focused on a chosen building of the post-war period in london (2014 theme: brutalism) and the political developments and social parameters which influenced the architecture of this time period.

a short workshop 'introduction to film editing, codex and compression' will be held.

based on existing raw fim data of chosen buildings and an intensive research in the i.e. national library and the film museum we will develop a building portrait  as well as a project sheet that covers the content of the film.

to overcome existing boundaries in different media types (film, photography, collague, text, audio, print etc...) is seen as a challanging but interesting factor that can be added to the portrait.

registration in tiss or via mail: kumer@hb2.tuwien.ac.at

further information at the modul-5-introduction lecture on march 12th, 2014, 12:00, hs 14

first meeting: friday, march 28th 2014, 13:30 institut hb2: introduction, kick-off lecture and hand-out of the projects and material (please bring your hard drive!)
further meetings will be aaranged via mail.

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