Attention: the module will be ONLINE only.

The Module ‚Emerging Fields in Architecture‘ imparts knowledge about the latest research, design and development in research disciplines beyond mainstream architectural topics.  In this module we encourage discussion and ideas that go radically beyond the traditional way of thinking. Our goal is to trigger a process of re-thinking and finding solutions to design challenges using an interdisciplinary approach. In particular:

  • Knowledge transfer of latest research and potential future fields of research.
  • Higher qualification through integrative know-how from emerging occupational fields
  • Discussion of creative processes leading to innovation
  • The ability to meet design challenges fundamentally in its interdisciplinary context


For the winterterm 2021, we will look for and trace the topic of ‘essentials’ from various angles throughout the module.

  • ‘Fiction’ and ‘Realization’ of architectural designs and their development process
  • Latest developments and research in material science and design/construction
  • Buildings in extreme environments will be discussed according to their design strategy, construction and material selection as well as their functional usability
  • Architectural structures are introduced, that adapt to certain parameters during lifetime. Examples are the adaption to different environments, weather or light conditions as well as adaptation to the user himself.


first meeting
Mo. 11.10.2021, 10:00 - 11:00, via zoom

Modul coordination: Sandra Häuplik-Meusburger (


All lectures take place via Zoom. Registered students find the Zoom link in TUWEL.
Some of the lectures take place also as livebroadcast via Youtube. Guests can book a (free) space via  eventbrite. Lectures are in English or German.

  will be announced in September 21