Attention: the module will be ONLINE only.

The Module ‚Emerging Fields in Architecture‘ imparts knowledge about the latest research, design and development in research disciplines beyond mainstream architectural topics.  In this module we encourage discussion and ideas that go radically beyond the traditional way of thinking. Our goal is to trigger a process of re-thinking and finding solutions to design challenges using an interdisciplinary approach. In particular:

  • Knowledge transfer of latest research and potential future fields of research.
  • Higher qualification through integrative know-how from emerging occupational fields
  • Discussion of creative processes leading to innovation
  • The ability to meet design challenges fundamentally in its interdisciplinary context


For the winterterm 2020, we will look for and trace the topic of ‘essentials’ from various angles throughout the module.

  • ‘Fiction’ and ‘Realization’ of architectural designs and their development process
  • Latest developments and research in material science and design/construction
  • Buildings in extreme environments will be discussed according to their design strategy, construction and material selection as well as their functional usability
  • Architectural structures are introduced, that adapt to certain parameters during lifetime. Examples are the adaption to different environments, weather or light conditions as well as adaptation to the user himself.


first meeting 
Wed. 07.10.2020, 9:00 - 11:00, via zoom 

Modul coordination: Sandra Häuplik-Meusburger (


All lectures take place via Zoom. Registered students find the Zoom link in TUWEL.
Some of the lectures take place also as livebroadcast via Youtube. Guests can book a (free) space via  eventbrite. Lectures are in English or German.


Wed.07.10. 9:00

Introduction: Core Lectures and Supplementary Lectures |Sandra Häuplik-Meusburger, Matthäus Wasshuber

Wed.07.10. 11:00 [Logic of Discovery] … Tracing the Essentials... | Ardeshir Mahdavi | TU Wien, Bauphysik | On the global planetary crisis: are buildings the solution? (Lecture in English)
Mo.12.10. 11:00 Modul Q&A | Sandra Häuplik-Meusburger
Wed.14.10. 9:00 [Adaptive Architecture] Kas Oosterhuis | ONL | Interactive Components
Mo.19.10. 9:00 [Logic of Discovery] … Tracing the Essentials...Simon Güntner | TU Wien, Soziologie | Kann man auch ohne Wohnung wohnen?
Mo.19.10. 11:00 [Logic of Discovery] … Tracing the Essentials... Peter Mörtenböck | TU Wien, Visual Culture | Live-Work-Play und die neoliberal Utopie der Wohlfühl-Gemeinschaft
Tue.20.10. 14:00 [Tages- und Kunstlichtanlagen] Matthäus Wasshuber | Introduction and Organisation for the Uni Symposium Licht
Tue.20.10. 16:00 [Materials and Technologies] Georgi Petrov - | Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP (SOM) | Newest develpment in tall building design
Tue.20.10. 18:00 [Extreme Architecture] Marc Cohen, Sandra Häuplik-Meusburger | Space Architecture Talks| Stellar Amenities |  What do we give up and leave behind
Wed.21.10. 9:00 [Materials and Technologies] Peter Bauer | TU Wien, Tragwerkslehre | Finding Form and parametrical Optimization
Wed.21.10. 11:00 [Adaptive Architecture] Henriette Bier | TU Delft | Robotic Buildings
Tue.27.10. 09:00 [Japan Exkursion]  Day 1: Typical traditional house in Kyoto | with Roland Hagenberg on-site
Tue.27.10. 14:00 [Materialdatenbank] Matthäus Wasshuber | Introduction and first tasks
Tue.27.10. 16:00 [Extreme Architecture] Robert Zubrin | Mars Society | New Frontier Mars
Wed.28.10. 9:00 [Materials and Technologies] Ehlers Sören | Hamburg University of Technology, Inst. F. Ship Structural Design and Analysis | Ship Design and Construction
  [Tages- und Kunstlichtanlagen] Uni Symposium Licht - Bartenbach ganztägig
Tue.10.11. 9:00 [Japan Exkursion] Day 2: to be announced | with Roland Hagenberg on-site
Tue.10.11. 16:00 [Extreme Architecture] Brent Sherwood | Blue Origin | Space and Lunar Projects
Wed.11.11. 09:00 [Mediated Architecture] Introduction in preparing and carrying out interviews (Sandra Häuplik-Meusburger und Verena Holzgethan)
Wed.11.11 11:00 [Adaptive Architecture] San-Hwan Lu | HB2
Mo.16.11. 11:00 [Extreme Architecture] Maria Antonietta Perino | Thales Alenia Space | Exploration: from ISS to Moon and Mars
Tue.17.11. 16:00 [Extreme Architecture] Fabien Cousteau and Yves Behar | An International Space Station - Underwater
Wed.18.11. 9:00 [Adaptive Architecture] lisabeth Weiler | HB2 | Hausprojekte - Kollektives Planen und Bauen in Wien und Berlin
Mo.23.11. 9:00 [Adaptive Architecture] Querkraft Architekten und Jung Ingenieure | Building in Dubai - The Austrian Pavillon
Tue.24.11. 14:00 [Materialdatenbank] mid term presentation
Tue.24.11. 16:00 Materials and Technologies] Brand Griffin | Different for a Reason
Wed.25.11. 09:00 [Materials and Technologies] Miriam D'allingna | Foster & Partners | Design for Re-Use
Wed.25.11. 11:00 [Adaptive Architecture] Stefan Rutzinger und Kristina Schinegger | SOMA Architecture
Mo.30.11. 9:00 [Mediated Architecture] Sandra Häuplik-Meusburger und Verena Holzgethan | Introduction into Audacity & Final choice of Interview partners
Di.01.12. 14:00 [Extreme Architecture] Dorin Prunariu | Living and Working in Space - Onboard Salyut 6
Tue.01.12. 16:00 [Logic of Discovery] … Tracing the Essentials... Peter Sellars
Wed.02.12. 11:00 [Extreme Architecture] Christina Ciardullo | Ecosystems and the relations between Earth and Space
Tue.08.12. 16:00 [Extreme Architecture] Sheryl Bishop and Sandra Häuplik-Meusburger | Space Psychology and Habitat Design
Wed.09.12. 11:00 [Extreme Architecture] David Nixon | Architecture for Survival - the Challenge of Rising Sea Levels
Mo.14.12. 09:00 [Extreme Architecture] Michaela Musilova | HISEAS | Live tour through the HISEAS habitat during a mission
Mo.14.12. 11:00 [Adaptive Architecture] Rames Najjar | Najjar & Najjar Architects
Tue.15.12. 9:00 [Japan Exkursion] Day 3: to be announced | with Roland Hagenberg on-site
Tue.15.12. 16:00 [Material and Technologies] Olga Bannova | Greenhouse Design and Technology
Mo.11.01. 11:00 [Logic of Discovery] … Tracing the Essentials...Vera Bühlmann | TU Wien, Architekturtheorie und Technikphilosophie | Architektur und Atomzeit
Tue.12.01. 14.00 [Extreme Architecture] Jean-Francois Clervoy | Novespace |Air Zero G | ASE | Living and Working in Space
Tue.12.01. 16:00 [Materials and Technologies] Marc Cohen | Water Walls
Wed.13.01. 9:00 [Materials and Technologies] Bernhard Sommer | Die Angewandte | Architektur und Energie
Mo.18.01.   [Mediated Architecture] Submission | Sandra Häuplik-Meusburger und Verena Holzgethan
Mo.18.01. 9:00 [Logic of Discovery] … Tracing the Essentials... Michael Obrist | TU Wien, Wohnbau
Tue.19.01. 16:00 [Materialdatenbank] Final presentation and submission
Mo.25.01   [Synthesis Emerging Fields] Submission


253.397 Excursion // supplementary course in module “Emerging Fields in Architecture” // 2.0 ECTS // WS

This winterterm we will travel virtually to JAPAN. Roland Hagenberg will guide us through Japanese architecture, culture and way of life.

Japanexkursion WS 2020

di.27.10. 9:00-12:00 [japan exkursion] tag 1: Typisch tradionelles Haus in Kyoto | mit Roland Hagenberg vor Ort
di.10.11. 9:00-12:00 [japan exkursion] tag 2: wird bekanntgegeben | mit Roland Hagenberg vor Ort
di.15.12. 9:00-12:00 [japan exkursion] tag 3: wird bekanntgegeben | mit Roland Hagenberg vor Ort

Roland Hagenberg, Sandra Häuplik-Meusburger