253.367 Lecture // obligatory course in module “Emerging Fields in Architecture” // 2.0 ECTS // WS


By revealing and understanding the development processes from fictional concept to spatial, technological and social innovations in architecture through lectures and discussions the individual design repertoire shall be broadened.


Architects are innovators: spatial, social and technological innovations, the cognitive conception of which often lies far in the past, can be found in numerous of their concepts and designs. The lectures will cover examples of fictional and utopian designs as well as built projects to discuss their development process.

Lectures and discussions on this year's module focus 'On the track of the essentials' from different interdisciplinary perspectives.


Vera Bühlmann, TU Wien, Architekturtheorie

Simon Güntner, TU Wien, Soziologie

Ardeshir Mahdavi, TU Wien, Bauphysik

Peter Mörtenböck, TU Wien, Visual Culture

Michael Obrist, TU Wien, Wohnbau


SPECIAL GUEST: Peter Sellars, noted for his groundbreaking and transformative interpretations of classical and contemporary artistic masterpieces.

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