253.776 Lecture // 3.0 ECTS // SS


Professional and methodical knowledge:

  • Holistic view of the building - from the whole building to the details 
  • Promoting an understanding of the basic principles and fundamental problems of  building construction (water, fire, light, air, egress)
  • Contextual examination and evaluation of details
  • Conveying professional competence with the ability to independently assess detail solutions regarding proper execution and knowledge of appropriate mpovements
  • Demonstration of multiple solutions for a given detailing situation
  • Introduction in the fundamental structure of standards and codes as a basis for independant and critical application
  • Conveying ressource-efficient planning and building to reduce technology dependency - sustainability not as a subsequent technical procedure but as an integral part of the design
  • Communicating current trends and developments, technology and materials

Cognitive and practical abilities:

  • Ability to recognize and understand fundamental problems of building construction as well as to systematical and forward-thinking planing of detailing solutions.
  • Strong relation to realization on the construction site  - knowledge of the processes and the participants in the planning and realization process. Promoting an understanding for the intertwined nature of the work of different crafs and the time schedule on site
  • Critical examination of the position of the architect¿s profession - the architect as a specialist, a generalist or as an uncritical executor of investors' interests.

Social competence, competence to innovate and creativity:

  • Ability to develop innovative concepts following the accepted rules of engineering for building construction and materialisation 
  • Interdisciplinary planning and realization process


VO 1      07.03.17    Introduction and Information regarding Schedule 

VO 2      14.03.17    Water 1
Water proofing, water managment, drainage
handling of water in its different phyiscal states, including water vapor, condensation and frost

VO 3      21.03.17    Water 2
External and internal drainage, handling of rain water and waste water, sewage, water run-off

VO 4      28.03.17    Envelope 1 - Fundamentals + Insulation
Climate-appropriate building, solar strategies, building design with the sun, ressources and construction methods, insulation materials: characteristics and utilization

VO 5      04.04.17    Envelope 2 - Insulation + Glass facade
Detailing of Insulation in wall, ceiling and roof construction
Design fundamentals, production and construction of glass facades  

VO 6      25.04.17    Structural Components 1 - Subsoil / Foundation pits / Foundation types
Soil class/Soil types, Interaction between soil and foundation, soil survey, soil improvement, excavation methods, excavation support, foundation types: individual, strip, plate, tank  

VO 7      02.05.17    Structural Components 2 - Wall and Floor/Ceiling
Wallsystems und construction methods, load transfer and wall bracing, single and multi-layered walls, masonry and concrete walls, wooden wall structures, prefabricated wall systems, interior partition walls, floor/ceilings: function and requirements,  solid floors, wood floors

VO 8      09.05.17    Structural Components 3 - Roof Structures
Wooden pitched roofs, solid pitched roofs, flat roofs, wide-span steel structures, wide-span wooden structures

VO 9      16.05.17    Light & Air 1  - Windows + Shading
Basic concepts and code requirements for natural lighting, window types and systems, construction and installation, types of glazing and sun shading and their integration into the building system   

VO 10     23.05.17    Light & Air 2 - Ventilation 
Basic concepts and code requirements for ventilation, ventilation types and systems 
Basics of Detailing Analysis and discussion of various detailing solutions

 VO 11     30.05.17    Fire
fire performance of structural elements, emercency access and egress, code requirements and standards

VO 12     13.06.17    Egress / Traffic
Stairs, Ramps, Elevators, Doors, Accessibility

VO 13     20.06.17    Surfaces
Surface treatment and handling of different materials

VO 14     27.06.17    Construction Schedule / Detailing 
Discussion of detailing solutions with consideration of construction schedule and the interrelationship of different crafts

VO 15     30.06.17    Exam


San Hwan Lu
Matthäus Wasshuber
Michael Seidel

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