253.370 Lecture // obligatory course in module “Emerging Fields in Architecture” // 1.5 ECTS // WS


Identification of buildable structural applications and their implications for construction issues, form and function in order to aid decision-making (reasoning for what and when) in their own projects.


Architectural structures are introduced that adapt to certain parameters during their lifetime. Examples are the adaptation to different environments, weather or light conditions and adaptation to the users themselves. e.g. kinematic architecture, pneumatic and inflatable architecture and interactive or adaptable architecture.


Henriette Bier, TU Delft

San-Hwan Lu, TU Wien

Kas Oosterhuis, ONL

Querkraft Architekten und Jung Ingenieure

Stefan Rutzinger und Kristina Schinegger, SOMA

Elisabeth Weiler, TU Wien

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